Here’s the latest white woman to petition the Supreme Court to affirm that she was denied admission to college because of black people. And in her very first news interview, with Adam Liptak of the Times, she says “I probably would have gotten a better job offer had I gone to U.T.” Imagine that! And sure, yes, a plaintiff has to demonstrate injury in order for the court to establish justiciability, but really, from what dark, sequestered, fucked up inner reaches of our national psyche can someone find it in herself to say with a straight face that the reason she didn’t get a better job offer is because she went to one state university instead of another and that because of this highly tenuous leap of reasoning we should therefore dismantle an entire legal framework put in place to ensure that ours isn’t a country where the only people afforded the opportunity to attend college in the first place—and then wonder if they wouldn’t be even better off if they’d been accepted elsewhere—are privileged white people.

Anyway, fuck you lady!

I doubt her current employers will be thrilled to read that she is so unhappy with her job that she is going to the Supreme Court to complain?

Also: “She said her college years at Louisiana State had been fine and that she had enjoyed the camaraderie of the bowling team.” 

It’s like everyday the NY Times finds some new way to be horrible.

White feminists should be screaming from the mountaintops in condemnation of this beezy. They should be snatching her and other likeminded women up by the ear & dragging ‘em out back to give them a talkin-to about who’s really been benefitting from Affirmative Action and how much they’re hurting WOC with this oppressive bullshit. So where are they?

I still want to know how entitled you have to be to think that average grades & scores = automatic admission to your first choice school. Especially when you consider that she didn’t even attempt to raise her grades with a few months of community college, or try to transfer in for her sophomore year. UT has already said she didn’t meet the admissions standard even before other factors were introduced.

a fine example of a self-centered, horrific human being


I honestly wish I could say this shocks me, but unfortunately I went to a state university where I knew several white kids who whined about how they didn’t get into their first choice (usually an expensive private university or a university closer to a beach) because AFFIRMATIVE ACTION GAVE MY SPOT TO SOME BLACK OR MEXICAN KID WAAAAAAH. And every time I’d ask what their grades were or why they automatically assume they are more deserving of said spot than this faceless assumed minority, they’d get all huffy and direct the conversation elsewhere.

Anyway: I’m really sorry that people like this exist :(

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